How Low Will I Go?

Snowy Trail with Stop Sign
Image of trail with snow and stop sign How Low Will I Go Before I Stop

My friend marveled at how I have changed over the last few years. Today, as we walked, she reminded me that I hid at the thought of going out in 30 degree weather and that today, it was six below (wind chill). When we began the “outdoor walking in winter saga,” she coached me about dress and coaxed me to come out. And, God provided a GREAT, long coat for $40 last year. My awesome hubby took care of the boots and glove/mitten contraption (complete w/ key storage) and the weather became far less of an objection.

I do have my limits, but what what are they? The topic came about because I wondered how low would I go…we have a BIG storm coming! They are predicting -22 degree (-46 below with wind chill)! It was 16 below when I woke up this am but a balmy 6 below when we walked. Literally, I was sweating when we stopped! I have fond memories of many warm walks. Some were magical, but I have more memories of winter walks. One frigid walk with Barb, we were so happy that we were walking and laughing and cracking ourselves up, then we turned the corner. We had a long haul down a road that had an open field along the one side. It was the outside of the subdivision, so there wasn’t an entry back into it for an extended hike. The wind was blowing us so hard against us, that we didn’t say a word. We pressed in and pushed forward and it was hard work to make it to the corner where we could finally make our way home. Now I laugh at how quickly the assaulting wind changed our tune from laughter to sobriety.

I have changed. As I walk forward for better health, mental and physical, walking is great therapy. I remember so many years ago when I thought I would be in a wheelchair in a few month. I began by walking around the block and ended up playing competitive volleyball. I’m too old for volleyball now, but I’ve kept the commitment to keep on moving and as my body ages, I’m more gentle with the exercises I choose. The goal is in choosing TO exercise. Part of the goal of My January Rest is to slow down enough to regain balance in the priorities in my life. I can SAY exercise is important, but if I am not doing it, what does that say really?

So, how low will I go? Time and temperature will tell. And for any who are lucky enough to live somewhere warmer than Central Illinois, grab a warm walk for me.


  1. You have come a LONG way, and I’m proud of you. I also think that your willingness to walk has been part of God’s “making a way” for us to get exercise and deepen our friendship all year long. What a blessing to both of us!

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