Finding My Rest—iAbideInTheVine

I began a new faith journey about ten years ago. While God was a prominent part of my life, I had more to learn. Much more. I’ve learned that I really don’t know what I think or believe until significantly challenged. After having a child at forty, my body and mind began a mutiny. I knew much of God’s truth and grace, but knowing wasn’t enough.

God  led me to a study by Andrew Murray called “Abide in Christ.” Meant to be a devotional for the farming community, much of the 31 bite-sized lessons were birthed out of John 15. Written for an audience of years gone by, initially I had a hard time with the content. However it didn’t take long before I was walking around the house looking for Andrew, my new best friend!

Abide 4x6 no borderDuring those dark days, I would lay down and think of being grafted into Christ, which is a central concept of the “Abide in Christ” devotional. My feet were tucked securely in The Vine.

As scary is it is, my God-sized dream since that time, is to write a book and make the concept—abide—consumable to today’s culture. I’ve been living my life abiding for nearly the last decade;  I’ve been learning to: rest, live, and walk in a new way. Abiding in Christ is where I find my true rest.

Today’s demands and break-neck pace chaff against His yoke; a yoke that He says is easy. I invite you to join me in my journey as I continue to learn to find my rest in Christ. 



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