2023 My January Rest Review

One of my friends read that there are things that can be relaxing, like a Netflix binge, but it doesn’t refresh you. Clear language gives clarity to concepts.. Some of those lesser things like watching reels or too many movies can be relaxing, but they don’t refresh me. Like clearing out my schedule, my freezer, and my pantry, My January Rest makes space on my insides. My January Rest restores my soul.

The Egg Dilemma

Now that you know the end of the story, I’ll start at the beginning. I was invited to my friend’s house who lives out of town. I rarely see her, but one of the added perks of a road trip is her “girls” eggs. Every time I crack one open, they bring me joy. They’re beautiful, they’re tasty, they’re nutritious, and they make me think of her. You could say I love them!

My 2022 January Rest Review – It’s About Time!

Before I say goodbye to you and this Year’s Rest, I’m including some photos (below) from MJR that I didn’t manage to write about. That was perhaps my biggest failure. I love to share along the way. Next year I’m going to set a schedule and write more briefer posts.

My January Rest: 01.16.22 Lit for Food!

Since I’ve been practicing MJR for over a decade, I was truly surprised by this new Rest Point that I’ll now call slow meals. I have a lot of practicing to do! It is easier to do with friends, less so with my husband, and even more difficult to do on my own. I’ve decided that while every meal need not be an event, taking time to sit, breath, and eat is something I think has value. 

My 2021 January Rest Review

This year had its own specific circumstances. Our overall spending was already down, because we were eating out less, and driving less: my husband worked from home, our daughter schooled remotely. What this meant was that things within our home had already changed substantially. I was cooking more, but I was over-indulging myself more with movies, online games, and eating all that I was cooking. But I also was seeking outside adventures, reading, and studying things that I love.

YETIs and Reminders

They remind me of what I believe, when I’ve grown weary of the fight. They remind me to fight, when I’ve grown weary and they remind me that they are there, and that they are not going anywhere. Friendships provide the power to stand firm, let go, aim high, and bow low.