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Thank you for visiting Uncovered. My name is Angel and I create to communicate. Much like the Psalmists, I struggle with trying to make sense of the hard things in life. What I know is Love prevails. With all my flaws and faults, grammatical and otherwise, I’ve led a life of recovery. Where once inclined to hide, stepping out into the light has left me uncovered. I am learning to live a life unashamed, one moment at a time.

As a professional artist I have primarily expressed myself as a painter but I love writing about my life, faith, and art. Writing for Uncovered is a creative outlet in the adventure of my life.

Author and speaker Beth Moore said it perfectly, “Impression without expression leads to depression.” Writing takes the fuzzy, nebulous feelings and harnesses them into thoughts I can better process. I hope to take the dailies of life, the good and the hard, and encourage those who  stop by here. In the same way I offer my paintings as little safe havens from the trials of this world, I desire my words to be tasty bites of refreshment for your day.

I am a professional artist, wife and mother who desires to know God, show God, and sow God. I aspire to love and serve in the way He has uniquely designed me to engage this world.


  1. Hi Angel. I met you on Saturday on the Artist Studio Walk. I am planning to stop by your studio tomorrow. Looking forward to it!
    See you then. Jayne

  2. Yes Angel, you guessed it right! I’m from outside the states! 🙂 I am an Indian by origin and am currently residing in France.
    I’m wondering what made you curious !

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