Man in the Moon

When I got my coffee, it looked like the Man in the Moon!
When I got my cup of coffee, it looked the the man in the moon.
Man in the Moon in My Latte

The Man in the Moon
Showed up in my coffee cup
Delicious he was

One of my favorite places is the Coffee Hound. I’ve had coffee in Italy, yet I prefer The Hound’s cappuccino to what I had overseas. It might be my American bias, but I feel blessed to have my favorite coffee shop, in the world, across the street from my studio.

They make amazing designs to go with the in-house roasted brew. Once the barista made me a bear. This week, when I looked in my cup, I saw the Man in the Moon looking back at me.

Ironically, it was a decaf. It was later in the day, and I wanted a little perk, but not an infusion that lead to a sleepless night. I have no idea if the barista meant to create the little man, but it made my coffee date, with the Man in the Moon, memorable.

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