Asiago and Egg Breakfast Dipper

This is a new favorite. It is an upscale version of the egg in the basket recipe. Those that know me, know I cannot leave well enough alone. I blame my creative nature and my adventurous palate.

Turano Italian Bread and Egg

Take a piece of crusty Italian bread. We love Pane Turano Italian bread. Butter one side and use a glass to cut a hole in the center. Crack the egg and aim at the hole. Make sure to grill the cut circle as well. That is the dipper for the yolk. My daughter insists. I like to top with Jane’s Krazy Mixed-up Salt. Writing is good for many reasons, including discovering that after all these years my favorite salt is called Jane’s Krazy and not Crazy Janes. And I’ve looked at the label and shopped for it how many times?!

After seasoning, top with coarsely grated asiago cheese. Grill and flip. After flipping, do add cheese to the other side. With a husband from Wisconsin, you cannot have too much cheese.

Asiago and Egg Breakfast Dipper

To consume, use the circle to dip your yoke. Fork optional. Enjoy!

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