Chocolate Art

Painting of The Tree of Life by Angel Ambrose and an large red apple.

I am most excited to go to my studio today! Why? I meet, Don McCormick, Chocolate and Pastry Artist to work on a collaboration. He is taking one of my images and turning it into chocolate art!

We’ve discussed and planned the piece titled, “Taste and See.” Don has been executing the creation. This is the day I’ll participate in the process of painting with cocoa butter, including iridescent colors to mimic my original art, “Tree of Life.”

Idyllically painted tree with fruit and a gold halo around it representing the Tree of Life from the Garden of Eden.
Tree of Life

Why chocolate art? I’ll share the vision and hope behind the concept in another post. For now, I am off to have a wonderful experience.

It is a great day to be an artist. Every day is, but some stand out more than others. Today is one of those days!



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