Valentine’s Play Date, You’re Mine

Black coffee cup with pink hearts that says, "Happy Valentine's Day."
Black coffee cup with pink hearts that says, "Happy Valentines Day."
Happy Valentines Day

My husband and I began a yearly tradition around Valentine’s Day. In a perfect world, it is supposed to be super-romantic and idyllic. I’m very much an idealist. That can get me into trouble. We learned, long ago, to discuss expectations in our marriage and we learned long ago, that it was generally my exceptions that were not being met. Tony, is most often, easy to please. I on the other hand, can sometimes be particular. Ok, those who know Tony, know he’s particular in other ways!

When we married, we agreed to a few ground rules. One of them, was that we would never play mind-games with each other. He confided in me, that he was not a mindreader. That meant, that I would have to SAY what I want, not hint.

The main reason I married Tony, was that I loved spending time with him. As the years have gone along and responsibilities have increased–including a daughter–our time has gotten split amongst many things. And, I don’t get the lion’s share of his time these days. That could be a problem, but I am creative!

Now, each year we celebrate Valentine’s Day with a special tradition. My husband takes a day off work and we have a “play day.” We pick a day that Anna is in school, we eat lunch out, have coffee/hot chocolate at a coffee shop and talk, and hang out doing whatever sounds fun. Meme Jude always give us money for Christmas, and we invest it in our marriage during our play date. Lunch is cheaper than dinner. And, since our daughter is in school, we have no sitter expense. And, I get my husband’s attention ALL day and I love that!

This year, Valentine’s Day landed on a Friday and that seemed to be a good time for him to take off. Now, I remember why we pick a different day than Valentine’s Day. Restaurants were packed, even with the unexpected snow storm that dumped on us today. I left home today in my pearls, blue jeans and tennis shoes. I think it is the first time I haven’t worn show boots in a month! I was hopeful. Should have known! I had cold toes…but a warm heart. Our date concluded by going to our daughter’s class party, then taking her to spend my gift card at the Olive Bin. I got it in December, but did not cash it in due to, “My January Rest.” It was well worth the wait. They give you bread to sample the oils and ice cream to sample the vinegars. It was so fun. The whole day, snow, restaurant shuffles, cold toes, getting stuck (Tony denies this…we differ on definition, again) in a parking lot, all of it was wonderful. Wonderful, being with the one, the ones I love and who love me.

Thank you Lord for the blessings in my life.

Do you have a Valentine’s tradition? I freely offer ours to share. Try it. You’ll like it.

Thank you WordPress for your Daily Prompt featuring traditions. I had already written this post and wanted to share with the Daily Prompt audience.

Picture of card that Tony gave to me for Valentine's Day
Tony Loves Angel
Two envelopes with the name Angel on one and Husband on the other.
Tony Loves Angel Envelopes


  1. I love the way you love. Thankful for knowing you and your family in real life, to know this teamworkness isn’t just a Valentine’s Day anomoly. It is part of everyday of your lives together. Boy-girl games are stupid. Speaking clearly is better, with kindness but honest. “Not a mindreader” made me smile. I’m not a mindreader either. Only God, who knows hearts and minds and sees all. Happy Valentine’s Day, Angel. Yes. You are SO LOVED.

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