Winter Beach Haiku

Thanks to Dutch goes the Photo! for lending your gorgeous photo so I could share my haiku based on it. Please visit his blog and see where he captured it and details about how; he is kind enough to share technical details.

I’ve been writing haiku for a season or so. I don’t know how or when it began, but recently started writing them for small my paintings called Haiku Tiles. Also to amuse myself, I attempted to capture moments with haiku. However since I’m a visual person, I especially appreciate seeing images as well as words. I’ve always taken photographs and as an outlet to share them, I created Five Minute Art. Often, I wrote a haiku to go along with the image. Now when I see a beautiful image, even someone else’s, I tried to describe it to myself as a haiku. Thanks to Sonya of Only 100 Words for introducing me to that concept, here in bloggersville, with her Three Line Tales invitational. When I am satisfied with the results, I share.

Here is my haiku for Dutch goes the Photo’s Winter Beach image.

Silvery gray sky.
Fence row set amongst the drift.
Willowy grass blows.


    1. Oh, guys, this makes me ridiculously happy! I want TLT to be all about inspiration and meeting like-minded bloggers, and this is just perfect 🙂

      Beautiful photo, beautiful haiku.

      1. Your ARE feeling my joy! I get to collaborate with artists in my realm of visual arts, so fun to collaborate in this space too! Thanks Sonya and Frank!

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