#3LineTales Haiku—Week Five

Image by Glen Noble

My journey in piles.
Speed-reading my way through life.
Slow down and savor!


Piles and piles of books:
a literary folly.
Dust, then read, then stack.

Which haiku do you prefer and why?

Thank you to Sonya of Only 100 Words for coming up with Three Line Tales. Want to participate in the fun? For complete information go to Sonya’s Three Line Tales page.


    1. Thank you Paul! I do savor when I read. Sometimes it takes forever to get through a book because I am thinking and processing so much. I just read your latest post. Good job. Singing a song she remembers was a wonderful idea.

  1. I think I prefer the first one, too. Slow down and savour, indeed. Even though I like ‘a literary folly’ in the second one. Thanks for participating again 🙂

  2. I have a journey in piles too, Angel. *sigh* Because of that I want to combine the two poems into a new third version:
    My journey in piles.
    Piles and piles of paper and books.
    Dust, then read, then stack.
    (…I added two words “and paper” to the middle line for the necessary seven syllables.)

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