Winter’s Walk Haiku

What a treasure these images are! I took them on one of the sub-zero days. I was so enthralled trying to capture the beauty with my phone camera, I nearly got frostbitten fingers. In the bright sun, it is difficult to see your screen to see what you are actually getting in the way of detail and clarity. I didn’t have a single pair of readers with me. (For those of you who get this, you probably have half a dozen stashed around your surroundings too, and can’t find a pair when you need one!) The biting air bid me put my hands back in my gloves and trust that I captured some semblance of the beauty there.

When I stumbled upon this site, I saw what I thought was a heap of glitter and flock remnants from a Christmas tree removal site. However when I walked up to it, I saw it was glittery frost instead! Simple discoveries like this make me feel like a joyful child. Days like these I love being an artist and seeing the world in a slightly different way! Below is the haiku I wrote to capture my adventure.

A glittery mess?

Upon further inspection,

a frost-laden drain!




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