Ready, Set, Go!

Today’s storm promised snow and high winds. School was cancelled and our family had a good old fashioned snow day! My husband worked from home and I made my yummy Snow Pancakes. Although it wasn’t our first snow—as per tradition—when I usually make the pancakes, I think it has been our best snow this winter. No shattered trees due to ice like last storm! Just wind and snow and a day off.

Early this morning, my walking buddy decided to get her walk in, without me, before the snow started to pile up. I too decided to get out there before the snow got too bad. The forecast said when it started, snow would accumulate quickly. And it did!

She warned me that the sideways wind would blow snow—which was like little sleet balls mixed with snow—into any opening it found. So, I found my mask that I rarely use and my white headband that keeps my hood on my head and out of my eyes; my hood is too big without the headband. Curiosity got the best of me and I had to see how I looked. I got a good laugh at what I saw looking back at me and decided to share the splendor with friends! After texting a friend, she said I look like an abominable Angel!

The walk ended up a treasure hunt. I found several wonderful images to photograph. Because I was sufficiently bundled up, I wasn’t cold at all, even when the snow came in little uncovered areas. You will see some of the images within a few days; I hope. I have two art events coming up within the next nine days, and art to finish. One is a Five Year Anniversary Party to help a fellow artist reopen his studio space and the other is a new release of Artist Trading Cards. Writing might have to wait. I hate wait. (This is one of my favorite lines from one of my favorite movies, The Princess Bride.)

Instead of temptation to stress about the storm, school canceled, two important meetings canceled, and much to do, I decided to rest in what God brought my way today. Today, I faced down the storm—the physical storm and the storm of temptation. The outcome? I had a marvelous adventure and a peaceful day. I hope you enjoy the silly selfies.




Done! Hey Nike, I just did it!


  1. Goodness! You did get blown. That was quite a storm. Looks like perhaps you didn’t feel any cold at all. Hope there were no children out there to see the Abominable Angel!

    1. No children were harmed nor scared in the making of this post :-). I think I only saw one or two cars and three snowplows the entire time I was out. Today is sunny and clear. Welcome to Illinois!

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