Isn’t It Time to Thrive, Teaching Promotion

Second Presbyterian Adult Sunday School
Beginning Sunday, September 13, through October 11, 2015 at 9:00 and 10:30 am.

Visiting artist, writer, and speaker, Angel Ambrose will teach a four week course which poses the question, “Isn’t it time to thrive?” See below for overview.

The Bible is full of supernatural encounters, amazing stories, and powerful God-experiences, however many of us find Christendom anemic, disheartening, or at the minimum, unfulfilling.


To many Christ followers, there seems to be a disparity between what the Bible teaches and what the average Christ follower experiences. Angel is here to challenge us to realize that is not how it should be!

Angel has wrestled with many faith issues. She identifies with Jacob wrestling with the Lord. She has struggled, and out of her brokenness God has given her ways of communicating big picture faith concepts in new, creative, and clear ways. Angel hasn’t only learned it, she lives it!

Beginning September 13th, Angel will teach this four-week course entitled, “Isn’t It Time to Thrive.” She will use her artwork, God’s Word and concepts, and personal testimonies of the redemptive works God has done as illustrations of how to thrive. 

By finding your true identity, value, and rest in Christ, you will appropriate the abundant life Jesus died to give to you.

Come explore the question, “Isn’t it time to thrive?” and bring a friend or two!

Isn’t It Time to Thrive Overview

God is Love

Week One–God loved first. Who He is–God IS love–and His invitation to us.

The eternal God has always been. The very nature of our triune God is loving relationship. Although He did not need us, He wanted us. God always calls to us, “Come.” Before we ever knew Him, He loved us. God is love.

God Loves Us

Week Two–Our response to His love and invitation–come AND stay, our identity, loved and rescued–who we are In Christ.

We are God’s beloved. Because of God’s great love, even before He set a clock to ticking, He had a plan to rescue us. His invitation has always been twofold, “Come and stay.”  We can never fully comprehend God. We struggle with understanding or who–or whose–we are. We stray when we should stay. Because of this, we get confused about how to “do” Christianity and we strive instead of thrive. Instead of joy, the fruit of our labor is disenchantment.

Live Loved (Loved is Your Identity)

Week Three–Two trees representing two ways of living. Choose love!

When you live loved, you learn how to stay connected, You will thrive! Using the two trees from the garden of Eden as an illustration (metaphor?), you will learn some practical identifiers to see if you are staying or straying. You will see more clearly and be able to discern if you are thriving or striving.

Love Well

Week Four–Our response to the world–Love Others

God commands us to love Him and love others. He love us and He has predestined us to do good works from the beginning of time. We have a choice. When we strive in our flesh to accomplish His will, apart from Him we can do nothing. However, when we chose to rest in Him, we and produce fruit, more fruit and much fruit. When we rest in Christ, all that we do becomes Living Water for those who are thirsty.

Angel will also be facilitating a break out session at Second Pres Woman’s Retreat the middle week of her four week course. She will teach Session One and Two the first two weeks, then head out with the ladies for the Women’s Retreat, then return to teach Sessions Three and Four the following two weeks. The Retreat is a stand alone event and not necessary for class participation.

Women’s Retreat | September 25-27 | Carlinville, IL
The Second Pres Women’s Retreat 2015 is ON!! Our theme is “A Life of JOY!”
We want you to come to this weekend retreat at Lake Williamson Christian Conference Center in Carlinville, IL. Scholarships are available. We look forward to talking with you about this retreat, answering any questions, and signing you up.

Email or for more information.

Second Presbyterian Church also know as Second Pres
313 N East St, Bloomington, IL 61701
(309) 828-6297

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