The Giving Tree


My daugher and I began a family tradition about four or five years ago. She has a tender heart and when she saw the little lamb on the cover of the World Vision catalog, she wanted to do something to help a family in need for Christmas. The little lamb cost a fair amount, which initiated a dialogue as to how we could pay for it. That was when the idea of making our Christmas tree, instead of purchasing a live one, began. We had so much fun and it warmed our hearts and home. Now it is an ongoing tradition.

The tradition now has a name. I am calling it The Giving Tree Project. The concept is simple; create a Christmas tree, then donate funds to a charity of your choice.

Here is the tree we created for Christmas 2014 or watch this video

Image of the Christmas tree my daughter and I made out of a tomato cage and LOTS of red and silver balls and lights!
Our 2014 Giving Tree Project

You can watch the World Vision video to see why we chose this organization for our donation.


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