Sweet Confessions of My 2019 January Rest

One more victory for The Rest. This situation made me slow down, and think about what I do (eat or not eat) and why. I chose to cheat out of love!


My January Rest 01.16.19

I’ve been consumed with the affairs of my father, and that has left little time for reflection. That is what The Rest is about: stealing minutes, carving out time, focusing on who and what matters most. 

MJR Update 01.13.17: Food!

A few days into the sugar-free adventure, I did not find great joy. When karate-chopping the burnt edges off my food in anger, I figured the episode was induced by sugar withdrawal. My poor husband stood there, quietly watching me from a distance. I suspect he contemplated making a run for it, but it was only a pizza cutter: the risk was minimal. Not pretty. Not pretty at all.