My January Rest 2017—The List

My January Rest is my version of a New Year’s Resolution. But instead of setting goals for the year, most of which will not survive the month, my focus is resting from lessor things—for one month—for the purpose of focusing on greater things.

Unwrapping Good Gifts

With much upheaval and unexpected travel, our family did not get to celebrate our Christmas until New Year’s eve morning. When we finally got home, we wrapped gifts like our hair was on fire! Finally, the moment came to wake our girl and have our family Christmas.

And So it Begins…

The Rest is challenging, but oh so fun! How can no sugar be fun? Because it isn’t really about giving up, it is about getting something of greater value. Every year I have learned and grown as I have rested. I’ve laughed at myself and learned from fellow sojourners. I’ve been especially blessed to hear how rest has affected those who have stepped into The Rest.


Last evening I went to my hammock to enjoy some peace and quiet. All was going well until I had…