My 2021 January Rest Review

This year had its own specific circumstances. Our overall spending was already down, because we were eating out less, and driving less: my husband worked from home, our daughter schooled remotely. What this meant was that things within our home had already changed substantially. I was cooking more, but I was over-indulging myself more with movies, online games, and eating all that I was cooking. But I also was seeking outside adventures, reading, and studying things that I love.

YETIs and Reminders

They remind me of what I believe, when I’ve grown weary of the fight. They remind me to fight, when I’ve grown weary and they remind me that they are there, and that they are not going anywhere. Friendships provide the power to stand firm, let go, aim high, and bow low.

Unopened Gifts

We all have unopened gifts before us, we simply need to look around. And maybe, just maybe, we are that gift that someone else needs. We can give the gift of our presence, to brighten their day.

Unwrapping Good Gifts

With much upheaval and unexpected travel, our family did not get to celebrate our Christmas until New Year’s eve morning. When we finally got home, we wrapped gifts like our hair was on fire! Finally, the moment came to wake our girl and have our family Christmas.