My 2022 January Rest Review – It’s About Time!

You might say, “It’s about time!” and you’d be right. Actually, I am late—so late—for My January Rest Review! But, that isn’t how I meant the title, It’s About Time. Each year I write a MJR review for viewers, but even more so for me. It helps me see what good revelations came out of My Rest. Next year I rely heavily on my post to fuel my direction for next year’s Rest.

Time. We all KNOW we have 24 hours in each day and there is no way around that. We also know that how we use those hours is negotiable, at least to some degree. Knowing this however doesn’t make me feel better about how busy I felt this January Rest. Last post I wrote that I struggled with how to share about a huge adjustment in my schedule and that was a big contributor as to why my Rest felt full.

What helped was seeing what good came out of it: my biggest take away was that often the good things that I do take longer than I think (and I suspect that is often why I don’t do them, or at minimum, complete them). The beauty was that because of my Rest Points, I actually had time to do some important things that I hadn’t been doing for years. And that is undoubtedly good!

While I’d love to share more specifics about this MJR, because it is nearing March, I’ll give you the highlights instead. Creating “hot” salads was fun, nourishing, and comfort-food in the middle of our Midwest winter. I loved lighting candles and sitting at the table to eat: I burned up old candles and even simple meals felt special. When I took the time to sit while eating, I enjoyed whatever I ate more. Yet I often I fought the urge to rush, stand, look at my phone, and multitask. I rarely ever felt off-the-clock, so I have room to grow in learning to rest while eating.

Not spending is always a focus on MJR. And Rest Points often save me time too! This year I did something I will most likely never do again—cut my own bangs. If you saw me before, I looked like a sheep dog. No way was I going to make it through January! If you could see my face now, I look sheepish. I hoped my stylist wouldn’t notice. Even though nothing was said, I doubt I will attempt that again.

I took time handwriting notes and hand-sewing a few special possessions. I’m not good at sewing, I don’t like it, and it feels hard. That is why stuff sits unsewn! BUT, because I did it anyway, I felt such satisfaction! I took the time, partly because I wasn’t watching movies, videos, snacking, reading junk, painting my nails, playing games on my phone, going out (beside a few preplanned trips), or shopping.

I did not snack in January! How did I manage that?! I don’t know! Since the end of MJR, I now watch more movies and I have more temptation. Still I snack less now because I realize that I can survive without it! I believe this was my most surprising accomplishment for this year’s MJR.

I ran out of staples like coffee filters and black pepper. After January, I remembered the pepper shaker in the dining room. So, I guess I only thought I was out…psych. How many of us have multiples that probably should get used up anyway?

The other revelation that I had was that most Januarys I rest from going to my studio and painting. After a year of being shutdown, this January was entirely different. With much to do, I have been in the studio regularly!

So many years I hit January panting and exhausted from my year-end sprint. In November, I have a new show each year, at Angel Ambrose Fine Art Studio, then finish the year with all the Christmas events and shows. To avoid creative burnout, I choose to think, dream, write, and create—but not paint—until this January.

My 2022 January Rest fed my soul! I enjoyed my food and my friends. I enjoyed working on my art and my health. I even did get a wee bit more sleep! While I rarely got naps, I managed to sleep more at night because of a MJR Rest Point and my new tracking device (accountability)!

One of my very favorite things is helping others slow down and find rest. I started this practice long over a decade ago before going public with it. I provided examples of what I have done as ideas for others. Each person has some knowledge of what they would benefit from by resting from certain things. Resting “from” lesser things opens room, space, energy, etc. “for” greater things. A week ago, I got a card from a friend that I’ve not heard from in a long time. She shared that she’s been doing a Rest of her own—for years. And she’s told friends about MJR: what a wonderful encouragement!

Before I say goodbye to you and this Year’s Rest, I’m including some photos (below) from MJR that I didn’t manage to write about. That was perhaps my biggest failure. I love to share along the way. Next year I’m going to set a schedule and write more briefer posts.

Did you Rest? I’d love to hear how it went.

Chocolates my girlfriend gave to me. I saved them until February.
A friend gave me an organic pie pumpkin. I successfully cooked it in my Instant Pot then make Pumpkin Mac-n-Cheese
Out of pepper, I thought. Found it a little too late.
A flat out cheat on one of my preplanned trips. Sugar.
Interesting food. Repurposed roasted cabbage with brat.
MJR is GREAT for inheriting food others don’t want for MJR! We scored HOT tamales!
Yum! Found some dried coconut along with some older oat-bran. Add cherries, wow!
My fruit-bowl was often empty. My husband cheated and bought himself bread. Avanti’s was closed. He said I could tell on him, so I am!
One of my friend outings. I was spoiled with all this lovely food!
Not sure if I love or dislike this mustard. Still! And, apparently I was trying to use it up as well as the plethora of ham in the freezer (which I still have more!)
Mystery green stuff. I thought it was powdered spinach and was putting it in my smoothie. Then I thought it was green tea. Landed on spinach.
Came home with A LOT of Sloppy Joe. I measured it in small servings then froze it for later.
My pretty holiday nails and my special Christmas gift I had to wait until February to enjoy.
The tempter! FIRST day of February and look what he left laying out and open! I didn’t have any!
I used up some dried hot-peppers in my green bean stir fry. Yum!
May you find your rest.

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