My 2021 January Rest: Looking Back to Look Forward

Embrace very day: each day is new

Last year I wrote that God had been talking to me about making room (in my heart and life) and humility and relinquishment. Astonishingly I wrote this before we found out about Covid and the social unrest that rose to the surface: my process started before. Believe me, all that was to come caused a painful, but beautiful renovation of my heart and MJR was excellent practice for all the social distancing, less shopping trips, and forced rest.

Excerpt from last year’s MJR review: God’s been talking to me about making room, and humility and relinquishment.

This January, more than any other, vacillated between what I planned for MJR and its opposite. God’s provided encouragement, healing, and answers. There’s more healing needed. There are more answers I seek. Yet, I relinquish my right to know. And always, I seek His encouragement each day I breathe.

Yes, January had many vacillating parts that reminded me of two famous sisters in the bible, Mary and Martha. Mary sat at Jesus’ feet, while Martha prepared for her guests. Mary sat. Martha served. Both are necessary, but it is a matter of the heart that lines us up with God’s heart. I had time at Jesus’ feet. I served at Jesus’ feet. I am sitting at Jesus’ feet, getting what I need for each new day and each new challenge.

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I’ll post this year’s “list” (my 2021 Rest points) soon.

I’d love for you to join in 2021 My January Rest (make it YOUR own). Here’s how it works.

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