Three in One

My hands were busy preparing for supper. My girl popped in the kitchen and asked me to go for a walk. A rare request. I immediately said yes and dropped what I was doing. I wanted to go across the street to the nature preserve. She agreed because she wanted to see if the donkeys were out. My draw was three flowering trees. I saw them from a distance, and eyed them multiple times as I drove by. But, I never had time to stop. Today was the day.

With a skip in my step, we started the journey. It rained earlier. The air was fresh and the sky was blue. The sun was warm and the colors were vibrant. Dazzling even. When I walked up to the trees, I stood in awe. They were glowing!

When we walked up to them, I wanted to stop, she wanted to go. She wanted to continue on our walk, and I wanted to stand still to capture these beauties. She told me to come on and stop taking pictures! Humorously, this was quite the role reversal from years ago, when she was little and would poke and dottle, and I wanted to continue on our way. 

In that moment, I couldn’t quite explain what was going on in my head and heart.

How could I explain that these three trees radiated so much majesty and so much glory and that I wanted to stand there and soak it all in? That they pointed to something, or Someone beyond themselves?

The created points to the Creator! If I can experience that kind of awe standing before three trees that God designed, I wonder how much more awe, majesty, and glory I will experience when I stand before The Three-in-One: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit!

I cannot fathom, but I can wait, and I can wonder, and I can ponder.

I am grateful to my girl. She got us out the door to see these majestic beauties, before their flowers faded, and the next storm blew away their bloom. I’m grateful for the time of day and the weather that heightened the idyllic beauty of the moment. And, I am most grateful to the God, who created beauty, because He is beautiful.

He delights in delighting us with His creation.

Delight yourself in Him: He delights in you!

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