My 2019 January Rest: The List

For anyone new, what is My January Rest?

For years I have had a New Year’s tradition I wish to share with anyone who wants a fresh way of refocusing their values at the beginning of a new year. Years ago, I became disgusted with the decadence of December. While I wanted it to be about the most important things, Love and Relationships, it seemed to rotate around indulging–overeating, overspending, and overdoing! Sadly, all-the-while waistlines, debt, and stress increased, satisfaction dissipated.

That is why I created My January Rest, to refocus my appetite, replenish my budget and re-establish my margins.

While December’s focus was on getting, January’s focus is on giving. Giving up for the purpose of refocusing my “appetites” by “refraining or resting from” some things for the month of January.

To see some things I have done in the past (with explanations), you can read my post. Continue reading to see what I’m up to this for this year’s Rest!

The 2019 List: This year I will rest from satisfying appetite by using up food in the pantry and freezer and rest from refined sugar. That means adding no sugar to my coffee, and no hot chocolate, or other sweet treats. The exception will be if I am invited over to someone’s home and they have made a special effort on my behalf. Most of my inner circle knows my eating habits by now, but I dislike imposing my needs on others unnecessarily. I may occasionally use honey this year.

I will rest from spending by not shopping for non-essentials. I’ll fix food with what I have, but buy what is needed to complete a meal. I’ll rest from going out to eat, unless I have a gift card. But, I will try to stay home, or eat in as much as possible. Last year, I realized I didn’t use up as much of my overstock at home, because when we did go out, even with gift cards, often we were bringing leftovers home and that kept me from using up things at home.

I’ll again target using up certain lotions, shampoo, makeup samples, or other items that are close to gone, or aren’t my favored items. Or, those travel sized items that never get used up. I admit I will use some of my new Christmas lotions, etc. Hey, I could die tomorrow, right? However, the focus will be using something up, instead of using my new gifts.

I’ll again rest my eyes from looking at sales flyers, advertisements, and magazines that feed the urge to upgrade my life. Saves time and money! And keeps the discontentment away.

This year I’ll rest from excess activities and instead use the time to connect in person with friends I’ve meant to connect with but have been too busy. While I would like to read books on this break, we will see timewise. Later, I’ll share part of what has been keeping me too busy, and why The Rest is even more important to my well being this year.

Again, I will attempt to avoid rabbit trails, looking up stuff just because I am curious which is often a good thing, but it takes time and most often, sends me on tangents: Interpret time-wasters!

No more fabulous and tantalizing baking shows for me this month. I am a late comer, but I discovered something delish a few months back. My daughter and fell in love with The Great British Baking Show. As egg whites were beaten and folded in, we had fun watching the competition unfold. Who knew how wonderful and creative and gorgeous that show is? Now you either already know this, or now you want to see for yourself. As long as you are not resting from TV, go ahead! The show was good company while I was sick for about ten days a few months back, but now, it won’t take up my spare time. I’ll allow myself a movie or two a week as this is how our family unwinds and has family time. But, won’t (and generally never do-except for The Great British Baking Show) indulge by myself

This area is probably my greatest need, rest, physical rest. The short version is that my dad had a health crisis on 9-11 and managing his life has become a full time job for me. The added stress has caused some health issues for me, so I am working on doing what I can to help myself. Like most of you reading, I don’t get enough sleep.

Did I mention I have a teenager?

While I doubt eight hours each night will be practical, I can move closer to that direction. I plan on writing down when I lay down, and when I get up. Writing things is the best accountability. No room for denial. Also, naps if and when possible.

And, I am excited to use some time to work on a commission I got. I’m excited for what this month will bring and look forward to sharing the journey with you!

Are you interested in trying a January Rest of your own? It is never too late to decide what options you will try and for what duration. Feel free to share your experience. What you most likely will find out is that by telling yourself “no” for a season is like picking a fight with yourself. We can not only save money but we can retrain ourselves to be good managers of the resources we already have.

My January Rest helps me reclaimed some of my time to use in a restful way, versus mindless consumption of whatever comes my way. Many friends have commented on what The Rest has meant to them. I hope you “rest”.

Happy New Year!


  1. I’m having to change my topic of rest because I’m failing miserably … hopefully I’ll be more successful with my new choice! (Praying for you & your dad!)

    1. You are very kind! Thank you so much. Ease into The Rest. Do something that’s rejuvenating for you this month. Don’t count your failures, count your blessings. You are a blessing.

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