MJR 2017 Wrap-up

Welcome to My January Rest’s Wrap-up!

This January flew by, but my girl was happy to see it go: she was ready to replenish some of her preferred tasty treats! For me, it was a terrific Rest. After the conclusion of January, I take time to reflect on January, and seek the lessons learned. Some years I learn the same lesson over and over, and other lessons are new. Once this February hit, I hit the ground running. My reflections on the success of the month are coming soon!


Several people asked what my first sugar splurge would be. I dreamed of many a treat, but it was a small DQ Turtle Blizzard, made with chocolate ice cream, that won my heart. Before I purchased my treat, I stopped by a grocery store and purchased a whole chicken, potatoes, and three apples. And onions. I was excited to make a healthy supper in our new pressure cooker, and use up my one sweet potato purchased in December. January began with three types of onions, red, sweet, and yellow, in our pantry. We ran out of all onions, which rarely ever happens. Originally, we ran out of red, which we mostly use for salads. After we used up the rest of the sweet and yellow, including the green sprouts on some of them, I began to use up the container of Two Sister’s Outrageously Garlic that sat in my cupboard for too long. Shame it sat there. It is good stuff, and I might buy more! If I were on autopilot, I would have purchased more onion while the perfectly good, dried garlic sat there, longer. Perhaps it would have sat there until I decided it was too old, then pitched it.


After buying my blizzard, I went home and turned off my phone. I had considered catching up on email while consuming, instead I sat in my comfy chair and savored one delicious bite after another.

Too often I multitask while eating. Then I realize that I didn’t fully enjoy the food: at times, I don’t remember finishing whatever I was eating! I truly savored each bite! Blizzard for lunch, healthy meal for supper. Win-win.

We ran out of pepperoni, twice. Once, Hubby ate the remainder in the package, because he said it was getting old. I was perturbed because I planned to use them on our homemade pretzel pizza, like Little Caesars’ pepperoni pretzel pizza. I had to flex and use honey roasted ham. But when he brought goodies home from a leftover platter from a social event, I got excited. I hurried and bagged the pepperoni up separately, and tucked them in a drawer with a smile and a plan. The plan? Make pizza with my gluten-free crust mix that sat in our pantry for a long while. Good plan. Bad execution: I didn’t label them “don’t eat” because we rarely have food set aside for a specific purpose.

Warning: MJR occasionally causes food fights. And snits.

He ate them, again. And, I was hopping mad. Twice, he ate the pepperoni that I planned for pizza! The box of GF mix is still sitting in the pantry. It is February, and sometime we will eventually purchase more pepperoni, and the pizza will be made. Someday. Hopefully, the crust will not be in there next January—or, I am sure you will hear about it.

I still can’t believe I hacked up my burnt pizza in the beginning of  MJR. I’m still blaming it on sugar detoxing.

A few days into the sugar-free adventure, I did not find great joy. While karate-chopping the burnt edges off my food in anger, I figured the episode was induced by sugar withdrawal. My poor husband stood there, quietly watching me from a distance. I suspect he contemplated making a run for it, but it was only a pizza cutter: the risk was minimal. Not pretty. Not pretty at all.

Labeling food is a big lesson this year. While I think I do, I found lots of proof that I don’t.

Besides running out of onions, we ran out of: all beans, except garbanzo, all chip-type snacks except for some seasonal buys that Husband stocked up on, a brand of decaf green tea I didn’t care for—finally (now I can get my preferred brand again!), GF bread and wrappers, tortilla chips (a house staple), rectangular boxes of tissues (some rectangles don’t fit in square spots, don’t you know…), coconut milk (I didn’t have any all January), chicken (none all of January—also a staple), many frozen veggies (that are staples), some frozen fruit, and there’s more. Always more.


Yay! The large container of expensive yet ineffective hair conditioner was finally used up. I was happy to see it empty. However, I realized I had three cans of mouse. I must have been experimenting with my hair style options when I purchased three different kinds at one dollar each. I am not sure I ever achieved the desired look, but I do have two more cans of cheap mouse to use or dispose of. That is the problem with purchasing multiples!

I couldn’t make myself eat the previously frozen beet. And, I made it all month without purchasing any fresh fruit, except for one banana! While purchasing fresh is permitted, I needed to eat what I already had. And, I did.

That’s all folks for the MJR 2017 updates, but I will close soon, with my 2017 MJR Reflections. Instead of a year-end review, My January Rest’s Reflection affords me the opportunity to process the good that came forth.

Did you make some changes in January? How did it go? Do you appreciate the process of change?

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