MRJ Update 01.22.17: Shopping

This month has been flying by! I enjoy each January Rest, because each one is unique and each Rest has a personality of its own. Compared to 2016’s stressful year end, 2017 is more restful! Many of the situations are headed in the right direction and need less management on my part: I am thankful!

The first half of My January Rest is always easier. The second half can get rather interesting. The first week or so, we eat up the fun, yummy leftovers from Christmas; except the sweets, of course. After that, we look for freezer surprize and other items in the pantry that need used, and they go on the Hit List.

New Year’s Day goodies.

I’ve had to do both more shopping and less. I’ve had ample situations that forced my hand to shop for non-food related items and I’ve had abundant food which has allowed me to shop less.

More shopping because right out of the shoot,  I was obligated to take my daughter shopping with her Christmas money and Christmas returns—oh yay. She already dislikes MJR. As a teen, banning shopping, when she has money to spend, would be relationship mutiny. So, we shopped. Actually, I drove, she shopped. I planned ahead: I brought a new, shiny, book! As I waited, I read. The book, Humble Roots, was a gift from a dear friend who knows my passion to pursue rest. The author calls to the weary; why are we tired, anxious, and overcommitted? Four chapters were consumed quite easily and time passed quickly.

Less shopping because food lasts a long time, friends feed me, and I’ve had occasions to eat out several times! Although I don’t consider them true cheats, I’ll share about that under MJR Cheats in an upcoming post. We haven’t run out of things much this year. I had a box of GF corn muffin mix that I made for a lunch meeting. I had plenty left over, so I ate them for about four days. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining. Since I’m sugar free, they were like having a cupcake. Well, not exactly, but I enjoyed them thoroughly. Leftovers delay making a dent in the Hit List.

I wanted to play with my new electric pressure cooker, so we invited friends over and I tried a roast, potatoes, green beans (frozen from our family’s garden), and carrots. The carrots were new, but froze in our fridge. I read that they would be fine if you used them soon. We did. They were, although they were a little discolored. If not for MJR, I might have pitched them, and purchased new.

My friend’s daughter had been home from college. She made a lot of wonderful foods like: jerk pork, a curried veggie dish, mango salsa, and some other wonderful noodle and sausage dish. She offered to share her surplus. Between leftovers from the potatoes we cooked, both mashed and roasted, and her bounty, we barely cooked for a week—or made much of a dent in our Hit List. I think I’ll be working on that in February.

Leftovers make a great studio lunch!

Confession: I’ve said this before, but I honestly, in most cases, don’t like to shop: I hate it. My husband is usually entirely willing to shop: He doesn’t mind it. January is my excuse to avoid shopping and yet, this year, shop I have! I needed to purchase items from two stores for a class, purchased a gift, took my girl Christmas shopping in January, shopped for my dad, and purchased vitamins. It is possible that I have shopped more this January, than most months. But, most of the money spent, was not mine.

My dad needed some assistance with his home. While shopping for him, I purchased a banana for me. One. At home, I decided no bananas until I ate the oranges—that I didn’t buy—the tangerines, and fading apples. I’m down to one orange and one last, lingering, no-one-wants-it apple. The lone banana was to avert a full sugar crash; I hadn’t eaten for six hours and had the shakes. I walked to the checkout, purchased a $0.19 banana, went to the front of the store and tried to quickly and inconspicuously down the banana before going back to finish the task.

My January Rest’s focus is on giving up; giving up for the purpose of refocusing my “appetites” by “refraining or resting from” some things for the month of January. By giving up, that is resting from certain things, I get more of what I truly desire in my life.

I ran out of several of my vitamins and since My Rest is about resting from unnecessary, non-essential spending, not from pursuing good health; spending for vitamins was allowed. I learned a new trick, I purchase online with free shipping. Not a foot in the store. Sweet.

So far, our no-shopping list until February: bottled water, bananas, half and half, GF bread, mascara, red onions, creamy peanut butter, crackers, extra variety lettuces, and ziplock bags.

Why do I seem to run out of mascara every January?! Just to annoy me?!

Half and half: I wasn’t going to purchase any when I ran out. Coffee with cream and sugar is my favorite. Coffee with cream is a consolation. Black coffee, is at least coffee. I’ve had worse. I’ve had January Rests without coffee—that made for a long January! Black would have been fine, but Mother Nature intervened. I planned to host a class at my studio, so I bought fresh half and half. When my van slid down a hill backwards on the ice, I cancelled the class and took my half and half home. The consolation, coffee with cream for the rest of the month.

Onions: we  have sweet and yellow, so I’ve been using them up before purchasing red onions for our salads. Some of our onions sprouted and that was how I learned that you can eat the greens. The onion is not as firm, but fine for stock.

Creamy peanut butter: I am eating chunky. Yum, smooth, creamy peanut butter. Chunky, well, it is…chunky. We have one open jar, and another in the pantry, so no creamy for me, for now.

Bottled water: now I am messing in my daughter’s business. I feel she is wasteful when doesn’t finish the ones she starts. Bottled water still feels like a luxury item. Kids steal them, so we don’t send her good, refillable ones, with her to school anylonger. We could have an interesting parenting discussion here, but I’ll save you, and her, from tangent. I counted the bottles and told her that she should use them sparingly, or at least refill them, because I wasn’t buying more this month. We are on track, and the attitude has become good. Although, tonight she said, “I hate your  January Rest.” I shared that it has not been bad at all this year and warned her to watch it, or I’d write her into my post…again.  Poor girl, she had to eat potatoes about four days this week. Payback might be that I am boiling water. I feel guilty purchasing distilled water for my neti pot, when I won’t buy her bottled water.

I’ve avoided looking at sales flyers, ads, and online items, almost 100%. I’ll share about my temptation on MJR Cheats post.

Each January, I become increasingly aware of how much we have, and how wasteful I can be. I become  painfully aware of my fleshly desires and the things that often drive me—drive me—instead of resting in what I already have.

If you are on a journey of rest, how is it going? If you are taking steps from resting from consumerism; how are you accomplishing it?


  1. A lovely post as always my friend across the water. My major rest is to resist being impulsive and try to make more reasoned approaches to Maureen’s dementia. A teachers report might be ‘could do better’.

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