MJR: Pretzle-crust Pizza Pie

What do you do with a box of pretzel mix that you purchased once upon a time for a school fundraiser? Make pizza of course!

Our family night tradition is generally a frozen pizza and a movie. Making a pretzel-crust pizza was our family night project.

Our girl liked Little Caesars pepperoni pretzel-crust pizza, but they don’t make it any more. So, I had the idea to try it at home. We are out of pepperoni, because Mr. decided that he needed to eat up the few that remained in the fridge. He said he had to…

I suggested waiting until after MJR next time, but I think we are at an impasse.

The bad thing about school nights is that one never knows how much homework will be assigned. The girl had several subjects to tackle. While I wanted this project to be a family production, my husband was more than willing to pick up the slack. We had fun making it up and figuring it out as we went along.

Like Little Caesars, we used cheese sauce as the base.

We baked it for a few minutes to brown the pretzel, then added more goodies.

We loaded it up with: honey roasted ham—that we had thrown into the freezer before one of our travels; black olives; portabella mushrooms—his half only; mozzarella; green onion sprouts—yes, the green tops that sprout are edible and good; and a little bit of bacon bits.

You can see the little green onions. After we topped it all off it went back into the oven.

It smelled wonderful! I hear it tasted good too!

Her side, no evil mushrooms.

His side—and it would have been mine too—mushrooms!

The pizza from my perspective to which Mr. asked, “Why I don’t take the photo straight on?”

Always the dilemma between a creative and an analytical. He helped make the pizza, so I honored his request: a straight on shot for you to enjoy as well.

What have you used in place of preferred supplies in a pinch? Did it work out well for you?


  1. As the in-house chef, Maureen says she has forgotten how to cook, improvisation is my mantra. We both love a hearty sweet and I’m forever making the dish of the day something special. Lately I’ve been using a high energy chocolate bar as topping- home made of course. Coconut oil is a basic; we will never know if it arrests cognitive decline but there is nothing to lose by using it. Making ice cream – coconut flavour – of course is on the horizon and I will keep you posted. That pizza looked good from any angle!

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