My January Rest Update 01.06.17

My January Rest is off to a good start. One of the first thoughts, most likely every year, is that things last longer than I think. For example, when I focus on using something up—especially something I don’t want to use up—it seems to take forever. Logically, if it were something that I loved, it probably wouldn’t be on the MJR hit list.

Speaking about forever to use something up, my husband buys in bulk. We do much better not over purchasing than years past, but there are still times when he comes home with a half a cow (in ground beef—which we rarely eat). We still have a lot ground beef in the freezer. We’ve given some to his mom, because she feed us, a lot of us, when we go for visits. I’m practicing, “If I can’t use it, give it away.”

But what about the conditioner that’s sitting in my shower since last year? I don’t like it. I don’t think it works well, therefore I won’t give it away. And yes, I have a problem throwing it away…because it was expensive and suppose to work well! I didn’t even realize it was still sitting there; MJR jogged my memory. I’ll use it this month; if I cannot finish it off, out it goes, with no regrets.

Are you like me? Do you have visual amnesia sometimes? Can something sit in a space and you don’t even really see it any more? If for no other reason, MJR is good because it calls attention to what I already have! 

Back to food. Last February I went 100% gluten free. To the gluten free community, I now know that there is no such thing as low gluten—but I didn’t know that until last year. I’ve made significant changes in how I eat and not all of it has been good. Eating gluten free is challenging, but it has gotten easier. Manufacturers make a lot of GF processed food; that is good and bad. GF snacks are easier to grab than trying to figure out what to eat at times. So, I’ve gotten into a bad habit of eating more processed food than I previously did. Who knew that potato chips are naturally gluten free (said with a smirk)? I don’t care for potato chips, much. At least I didn’t. But, when you need something to eat, there they are in almost every pantry, gluten free tastiness.

What does this have to do with MJR you might wonder? I have a lot of things in my pantry that I no longer eat. And, I have more processed food than I care to eat. This year, I will donate what I cannot consume. This year, I plan on less processed. The pantry needs revamped and flipped. MJR is a good excuse to renovate and reclaim that space. I will eat what I can, feed what I can to my family, and find a home for what remains.

I’ll provide a shopping update next time. I’ve done well with no sales flyers, magazines, or junk mail. Why do I need an excuse for this?! It feels so liberating to throw it in the garbage without a second thought. For example, I got a Healthy Lifestyle magazine in my mailbox. I thought, “If I would do half of what I already know I need to do, instead of taking more time to read about how to be healthy, I’d make a lot of progress!”

I have stashed books in my bathrooms for spontaneous consumption, that way I’m not tempted to read the magazines in there. Yes, surprisingly you can get through books quite easily this way. You should try it: I learned this trick years ago, when I was hiding from my child—for a few blessed minutes of reading, all by myself, of big girl books.

Good night. I have more to share, always, but I’ll save it for another day.

Are you resting from something this January? How is it going?


  1. Well I’ve got a rest from the Best Interest Meeting as they have postponed it after we had them on a technicality. One of my rests is to meditate every morning by following Dekyong our spiritual guide in the UK on YouTube. She is such a wonderful teacher and her short video clips are excellent. We are trying to rest from processed food on a permanent basis and we are making good progress. Look forward to your next post.

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