My January Rest 2017—The List

It is time to put my list into writing. For those unfamiliar with My January Rest, it is my version of a New Year’s Resolution. But instead of setting goals for the year, most of which will not survive the month, my focus is resting from lessor things—for one month—for the purpose of focusing on greater things. In the process, my wants, desires, and sometimes troubling habits are reformed. Many of these rests have resulted in a permanent life change! So that I do not get in the habit of keeping the same focuses, out of habit or peer pressure, I carefully think through each year anew. Besides resting from certain things for the last several years, I’ve been writing about the journey and inviting others along for the ride. That has made it both more challenging—to have public accountability—and more fun!

If you would like to see what last year’s list was, you can read about it at My January Rest 2016—The List.

Fresh trails

A single month can seem like an eternity at times. That is why each new year requires careful consideration as to what my new My January Rest will look like. After I commit to my focuses, I often need to remind myself that it is only a month! My rest seems to break down into three major categories that I have identified to rest from: satisfying appetites, unnecessary spending, and activities.

My previous January Rests have helped me reclaimed some of my time to use in a restful way, versus mindless consumption of whatever came my way.  Now that my daughter is older, I take her life into consideration more than I did years ago when I started. She has strong opinions about preferences. Like last year’s rest, I will factor in a few family friendly outings to ease the strain on my family. My family and friends are great supporters.

Here is this year’s list based on the three major categories for My January Rest:

Rest from satisfying appetites

  • Use what I have in the house vs buy what I prefer to eat. This year’s goal is to target what needs used up most and start there.
  • Use up the shampoos, conditioners, bottled lotions and other household products: use up existing instead of using purchasing new.
  • Rest from sugar: no sugar, no sweets, nope! But, I did find three small sample jars of honey from over a year ago. I will use them in something.
  • Coffee, but no sugar in it. You know I love cream AND sugar in my cuppa joe. Sniff, sniff…
  • Need vs want. What I already have over what I think I prefer.

Rest from spending

  • Purchase only what is needed to complete a meal, PLUS fresh. Health is a larger concern, so we will purchase fruits and veggies, but in moderation to ensure they are eaten.
  • Avoid non-essential shopping.

Rest from activities

  • Resting my appetite from my preferred way of drinking coffee AND going out for it, unless I have a gift card. This is a change, and I’ll fill you in as to the why in the next post.
  • Rest from reading advertisements and magazines (email and snail mail) which will also help me to rest from spending.
  • Rest from computer games.
  • Rest from Bible study again. My Sisters’ group is slowing down, reading, and savoring the Psalms again in January.
  • Rest from the unnecessary. This is hard to define, because what is truly necessary? The goal here is to be mindful of how I spend my time.
  • Rest from phone and computer by setting boundaries.
  • Attempt good rest at night or naps when possible.

My January Rest will replenish me by resting from these things. I will have needed space and time to create, read and write, develop ideas and material, and rest physically. Or so the theory goes. I hope you will keep reading to see how this year’s Rest turns out and encourage me along the way.

If you are participating, in big or small ways, as always, I look forward to hearing how your rest is going.


  1. Thanks for this Angela, your approach is extremely helpful and supportive to what I want to do. I have given myself some leniency about early morning blogging as there is so much going on here at the moment. After Friday’s Best interest Meeting I will REST from Socail Media in a really Big Way!

  2. Rest. There will always be time to write, when it’s something that fills you and does not drain you. Leniency is good, my word for it is grace. Blessings to you my friend across the ocean.

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