And So it Begins…



Tomorrow is a new year and a new month, January 2017. And so it begins!

My January Rest starts tomorrow. I’ve already been planning and dreaming and mentally preparing for what is to come. You might be as surprised as I am as to what this year’s rest will look like. I haven’t figured it all out yet, but I do know that much of the standard protocol will stay in tack. However, as the years march along, and circumstances change, so does My Rest.

If you are new to my blog, please read about what and why I rest in January.

Watch for future posts to spell out what I am resting from. One item that is already been determined is sugar: no sugar! That falls under resting my appetite.

The Rest is challenging, but oh so fun! How can no sugar be fun? Because it isn’t really about giving up, it is about getting something of greater value. Every year I have learned and grown as I have rested. I’ve laughed at myself and learned from fellow sojourners. I’ve been especially blessed to hear how rest has affected those who have stepped into The Rest.

Do you want to rest too? As I carve out some space and time for what is important, please join me in creating a rest of your own: you set your boundaries that work for you.

Please follow me here and join my event and share what you are resting from.



  1. I’m in Angela: this is a great idea which will help me add more discipline to my life. Many thanks for sharing this positive approach to life. I hope I have followed your FB page correctly.

    1. So glad you are joining Paul! I believe in divine connections. I started following you quite sometime ago, but I knew very little about dementia. I was drawn to your post because of your love for your wife. Within the last couple months, I’ve learned that my father has dementia, and realized, how helpful knowing a bit of you journey has been in my life. I wanted you to know, your sharing has made a difference! Thank you.

    1. Ah, chocolate! The cruel part is that we had our Christmas yesterday morning, December 31! I received several gifts of chocolate. It is bad timing, at minimum, to get your delectable Christmas presents the day before you go sugar-free! The good news is that chocolate is so full of antioxidants; they will still be super good in February :-). *Sigh* Partake for me dear Janean.

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