#3LineTales—Week Nine


TLT week Nine photo prompt by Moritz Schmidt

If you are wondering why I write two haiku, ideas beget ideas! You will also have a better understanding of why I paint in series. 

I focused on the idea of playing Scrabble. Great game. I only beat my brainiac brother once, but it will live on in my memory forever!

Which do you prefer?

Thinking and thinking.
Blurry-eyed, fuzzy-brain-strain.
Searching for one word.


Q! How many points?
IF ONLY I had a U.
No luck: I’m bankrupt!

Thank you to Sonya of Only 100 Words for coming up with another fun Three Line Tales challenge. Good luck with your writing Sonya and your quiet.

Want to participate in the fun? For complete information go to Sonya’s Three Line Tales page.



  1. I like them both (I’ve looked up *q* words without *u*’s!), but the first is my favorite — I can totally relate to the ‘fuzzy-brain-strain’ 😉

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