Sunken Treasure 

Not long ago, in the middle of an Illinois winter, a spring day sprung up. I coerced my husband into taking me on a walk. We went to the nature preserve close by and when we peered into the water, this is what I saw. When I saw the water, I saw more than a discarded object below the surface. At a certain angle, it looked like a golden radiant heart. I loved the scattering of floating leaves as well as the black gnarly branches reflecting from above. What a layering—sky with limbs, leaves, and debris and water—blue contrasted against orangish leaves. The leaves almost look like koi fish.

The image had so much depth to me; I needed to write a haiku to go along with it, to tell the story of what I saw.

A watery veil

adorned with leaves obscures view

of sunken treasure


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