My January Rest Flashback 2013

Fresh snowfall on beautiful evergreen trees in Wisconsin.

This is one of my all time favorite MJR memories from three years ago when my daughter was 10 years old.

The ride home was interesting. Our daughter began by asking for something to eat and I said, “Yes.” She asked for a pear and I said that I didn’t have any.

Anna: A banana?

Me: We’re out.

Anna: A grapefruit!?

Me: We’re out.

Anna: Tomato?

Me: We’re out.

Anna: A salad?

Me: No, I don’t feel like making a salad.

Anna: An orange?

Me: Yes.

She said what else can I have? I said that we could make some garlic bread and she said, “Yes!”

Me: Oh yeah, I think we are out of garlic salt…

Anna: Ugh!! I wish it wasn’t January! We are out of everything! I know! (She says this because she has a clever idea.) This is YOUR January Rest, so Daddy could go to the store and get whatever we need!

Tony: No!



  1. Ha! This is too funny! I tend to apply the creative cooking all year round with my family. I love the challenge and the different meals that result. It is so much fun!

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