So Long Starbucks 

So long Starbucks…at least for the month of January. Truly, parting is such sweet sorrow.

I wasn’t a huge fan of Starbucks, until two things happened. One, they moved into my neighborhood, and two, my husband cashed in our Discover points for a generous Starbucks card that he gave to me. Thankfully, he does not partake and that makes life cheaper in our household plus I get all the coffee! What a deal. This summer while working on a project, I would come and sip coffee and write, using my gift card to fund my outing. Out of the blue, it started raining stars—little gold incentive stars—that magically let me get free refills and a free coffee once in a twelve star day. I was hooked.

Today is December 31st, the last day of this year—the old year. A new one is coming! And for those of you who have walked with me, you know that means one thing; My January Rest. Right now, I am sipping coffee at Starbucks, and working on the “what and how” of this year’s MJR. For those unfamiliar with MJR, it is my version of a New Year’s Resolution. But instead of setting goals for the year, most of which will not survive the month, my focus is resting from lessor things—for one month—for the purpose of focusing on greater things; in the process my wants, desires, and sometimes troubling habits are reformed. Many of these rests have resulted in a permanent life change! So that I do not get in the habit of doing the same thing out of habit or peer pressure, I carefully think through each year, what my focuses are to be. One month can become a very long month so, careful consideration is prudent. Beside resting from certain things for the last several years, I’ve been writing about the journey and inviting others along for the ride. That has made it both more challenging—to have public accountability—and more fun! Have I ever mentioned I am a people person!? Doing life in community is a priority, however The Rest helps me carve out the space I need to be healthy.

If you would like to see what last year’s list was, you can read about it here. The one item I am sure of, is no coffee out and that means NO Starbucks. As I sit here, reflecting and sipping, writing and dreaming, pining away already for February (sad I know), the best is yet to come in January. Always, as trying as some of my boundaries are, there are many, many good things that come out of saying no to myself for a season, to say yes to greater things. No, Starbucks isn’t bad, but it can be a habit, it is money spent, time spent going to, lingering at, and returning from as well as (generally) calories and caffeine. Today, I am indulging in a seasonal treat, a grande Caramel Brulee Latte. Normally drink a small decaf, and thanks to a dear friend, I am now sugar and creamer free—except on special occasions—like today, the last day I’ll have Starbucks for a month or when my stars line up for my freebie. Going out for coffee isn’t a bad thing, but it is on the chopping block for the next month to break a habit, save time and money, and force me to stay “in” and rest from mindless consumerism.

Now that I have sufficiently and even tediously lamented over no Starbucks, I am going to get my free refill and focus on “the list” for 2016. Stay tuned.

Are you doing a rest in January? What are YOU resting from?


  1. Hi haloangel1, best of luck in your rest!!! I am inspired to leave something myself for a month. Much thought is needed in figuring out what that would be …………Keep your readers posted on how you go!!!

  2. Best wishes for resting from something for a month! If you look at my posts called My January Rest or MJR you can follow my journey! Thanks for stopping by. Your site is beautiful.

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