Thanksgiving Morning Steel Cut Oats

For those who like The tangy and tart taste of cranberries, this one is a winner. Packed with fiber, vitamin C, and protein, it is hot, filling and healthy. Our friends at Fitness Blender had this to say about steel cut oats:

Whole steel cut oat calories are possibly the healthiest kind that you can get from a grain. Not only are they high in fiber, low in fat, and free of basically all sodium and sugars, they are also delicious. Because they are minimally broken down, they have a satisfying, hearty consistency and a great flavor that is slightly nutty tasting.

I love to create and yesterday when my friend gave me a bag of fresh cranberries I contemplated what to do with them. This morning I thought, it’s Thanksgiving! I will make a Thanksgiving oatmeal. 

So I made a yummy new kind of steel cut oats that’s good enough to make again. 

You will need, cooked steel cut oats, fresh cranberries, ground almonds, or almond butter, honey, and orange zest optional. Place a good handful of cranberries in the bottom of a covered bowl and heat in the microwave for one minute.   The cranberries will look like this.   Add one serving of cooked steel cut oats and orange zest then warm thoroughly.  Add a heaping tablespoon of ground almonds or almond butter.    Stir to combine and drizzle with honey. Generally I eat my oats without any sugar added. But trust me on this one, you will need some honey or another sweetener. The cranberries are lovely, but, they require a spoonful of sugar to make them go down.

Enjoy! I did. I plan on having this as often as I can get fresh cranberries.  


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