Tattooed By Jesus–A Must Read If You Dare

Tattooed by Jesus
Tattooed by Jesus

I had not one, but two very personal reasons for reading Tattooed By Jesus. The first is Patti Lacy, she is my friend. I’ve followed her other writings and I wanted to read her latest, many a year long labor of love, to support her. The other reason is Bonnie Lentz. I know Bonnie too. Her story needed to be told. Bonnie was courageous enough to share it and Patti was brave enough to write it. And I found out, I was brave too.

Much of Bonnie’s early family experiences hit too close to home. The details are real, raw and may unnerve you, however much consideration and sensitivity went into what was depicted.

You are immediately sucked into this young girl’s life, who was born into a world of chaos. Initially written from the little girl’s perspective, her life was heartbreaking. Patti helps you navigate the sights, sounds, and experiences so much so, that you feel as if you are right there, even when you wish you weren’t. Each atrocity left a “soul tattoo” on Bonnie. As Bonnie matured, so did the narration. Artistically woven through the fabric of the drugs, sex and rock-n-roll, there were glimmers of hope and rays of light to hold on to.

Toward the end of the book, I was engrossed so completely, that I stayed up late to finish it. I knew the best part was right around the corner, but I also knew another terrible piece of the story had not yet been told. Emotionally on pins and needles I pressed on–both exhilarated and guarded–waiting for these two opposing forces to face-off. I felt as if I were on a runaway train, knowing there would soon be a collision.

The tension mounted down to the last few chapters, but as in every great story, Good triumphs over evil in a resounding and final way. On the other side, we see beauty and redemption that came out of the blackest of nights. It is through the darkness that the light is so brightly witnessed.

Thanks to my friends, Patti and Bonnie, for letting their lights shine!


  1. Thanks for the dare, sweet friend! I had a wonderful morning, me and a cup of coffee and the still and cool August checking out your revamped web site. May God bless all of your endeavors and stoke your fire for testifying in His Great Name!.

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