Cheep S’mores 

If you love s’mores, you might enjoy this easy, indoor version for times when you don’t have access to a fire to roast marshmellows. The extra sugar on the Peeps, married with the bitter dark chocolate is quite a treat.

Three ingredient “Cheep S’mores”.

My daughter and I planned a staycation, including a camp out with s’mores. Unfortunately, the weather was HOT! So, we decided that our camping out experience would be better another, cooler, time and building a fire would be better some other time too. However, we still wanted s’mores. I saw she still had some Peeps from who knows when. And since we weren’t building a fire, the microwave was our heating instrument of choice.

Peeps and dark chocolate

To make Cheep S’mores, you will need Peeps, dark chocolate and graham crackers.

You will need Peeps, dark chocolate and graham crackers

We had a plan and it was good! Take the unsuspecting peep, place it on a plate, and pop it in the microwave until it puffs up. Try saying that three times fast!

Microwaved Peep on a slab of dark chocolate and a graham cracker

Place the hot Peep on the dark chocolate and graham cracker.

Cheep S’more ready to eat

Place the top graham on the Peep and enjoy your “Cheep S’more.”

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