Short, Sweet and Sorry!

It's Long Gone....
It’s Long Gone….

So many dreams and so little time. If only I had more time. If only I had less to do. If only, if only, if only! Those two little words kill, even more so than the words what if. At least what ifs have the potential to be big dreams, and not the naysayer in our heads.

I have blog posts galore in my head. I have some partially written. I have a backlog of pictures to post. If only…

For example, The Underwear Drawer is written but not posted because I am an artist and it needs a picture to go along with it, and not of underwear! And, I still owe me–and you–a My January Rest Recap. Soon!

Also, I’m contemplating writing about the food adventure I’ve been on. Not because I think it will be riveting writing, but because it will be helpful for me to process what I am experiencing. Now I understand more compassionately how food allergies, among other things, affects others.

Life gets in the way of living, or as I read, life sometimes gets in the way of writing! So true. This year I had surgery, and within weeks of being back in action, found out that I had a broken foot. That slowed me down. However, create I did!

What have I been up to that I’ve not been blogging as much as planned? I have been writing. Angel Ambrose ( is getting a new web presence soon. You can pop over to see the old site, or hopefully, within two weeks or less, you can see the new site that more accurately reflects what I do creatively. It’s exciting.

Next week I have a speaking engagement that I’ve been developing. I’ve been developing a video to go on YouTube. This fall I’ve been asked to teach for a month with material that I am in the process of developing and let me tell you, it takes time! I had ten small commissions this year plus several more small commissions for a woman who is using my art to illustrate her book.

All that I’ve been doing, I cannot hang on my walls at Angel Ambrose Fine Art Studio. Lately, I haven’t had the extra time to write the blog posts that live in my head and heart.

So, I’m sorry. More than that, my word is my word. It will happen.

For those who like to read what I write, thank you so much! Your encouragement motivates me and draws me back to the keyboard. I will keep working on this craft in hopes that my writing becomes riveting.

Good day to you. Be blessed and stay tuned.

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