Happy Mother’s Day Mom

My Mother, Linda Ambrose
My Mother, Linda Ambrose
Dear Mom,

Happy Mother’s Day to you. You were such a thing of beauty. You had external beauty that made us notice you and you had an internal beauty that made us love you. You had a grace about you that made people feel at ease. You loved people, especially the underdogs.

I forgive you for your brokenness that lead to mine. More than that, I honor you. I give you praise because I learned to see that some of the things I like best about myself, I got from you.

We didn’t get to “do life together” since I was a young teenager. I missed out on, you missed out on so much. I am glad that God blessed us with peace, and understanding right before your sudden and unexpected death. You were so young. I’m almost that age now.

I almost missed the amazing journey of motherhood due to the brokenness our family. Our Good God saw to it that I didn’t. I wish I could share my daughter with you. She is amazing! Some day she will meet you and she’ll she your beautiful heart as I have come to see it.

Thank you for all you did right. Thanks for choosing to give me life when you were tempted to take the easy way out of your “trouble”. I owe you my life and now that I am older, wiser, and a mother who struggles myself, please know you will always have my heart. 

Today is also your birthday. Happy birthday mom.


  1. Beautiful tribute to your beautiful mother, Angel. Multilayered emotions for you today as you simultaneously mourn and celebrate your mother on her birthday/Mother’s Day. Glad you said her name aloud and remembered all she did right like bringing you into the world. Hugs and love to you.

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