Why Chocolate Art?

If you have read my recent post, you are aware that I have the privilege of working with Chocolate and Pastry Artist Don McCormick. In a collaborative effort, he is making one of my original images out of chocolate.

Why? The smart aleck living inside of me wants to quote the popular line from the movie We Bought A Zoo “Why not?!” And who knew there were so many great “why not” quotes? However, I must tell the truth, because that truth is a central point of this post. The real reason behind making chocolate art–besides that it is a crazy fun thing to get to experience–is that I it makes me think of one of my favorite verses “Taste and see that the Lord is good.” 

The piece is being created to show at the Sixth Annual What’s So Good About Good Friday Art Show at Second Pres on Friday, April 3rd, from 11-8pm.  See more show details here.

Don created an amazing experience at my studio two years ago for the 2013 Tour de Choclat’. A mutual friend introduced us and Don created a two by three foot piece of chocolate art for the First Friday event.

Viewer examining Don’s edible painting.

The event began at 5:00pm. We invited our guest to come back at 7:30pm for a sample.

Don preparing to deconstruct his chocolate art so we can eat it!

At 7:30pm Don took a hammer and began to demolish his work, piece by delectable piece. The curious viewers both protested, then applauded. They didn’t want to see his work destroyed, but ahhh, how they wanted to taste it. Don told us that he created it with dark chocolate, freeze dried strawberries, homemade caramel sauce and Pop Rocks candy for a zany surprize. And it was!

Handing out samples to a group of immediate Don McCormick fans.

I felt like an excited little kid. It is the closest experience to being at a Willy Wonka world that I will ever have. My daughter still remembers and frequently requests Don’s return performance.

While we are not creating a huge work of art, or sorry, we are not eating this one, we will have a sweet treat for viewers to sample.

Tree of Life by Angel Ambrose
Tree of Life by Angel Ambrose

The chocolate artwork is called, “Taste and See”. The original work that Don is using as the inspiration, is “The Tree of Life” from the Garden of Eden. In Genesis it says that after eating the wrong fruit, Adam and Even needed to leave the garden so that they would not eat from the Tree of Life and live forever.

I cannot imagine how the fruit from the The Tree of Life tasted, but I’d bet–and I am not a betting person–it would have been very good!

So is chocolate.  

The Tree of Life made out of chocolate. God’s invitation to us, to taste and see that He is good.


Nothing on this earth can compare to the type of good that God is talking about. All of the very best things are a mere shadow of things to come! To me, chocolate is not only something that we can taste now, it is something that is so good, it points to the goodness of God to come.

Don created the Tree of Life out of chocolate and guests at the artist reception will get to “taste the fruit” and see that it is good.

Next post will show some action shots of Don creating, and then painting the chocolate. I feel so privileged! Don let me paint some with the colored cocoa butter.

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