Tattered Beauty

Rose of many colors.
Rose of many colors.

Ragtag and tattered
Feeling battered, bruised and worn
Beauty nonetheless

I’m not feeling well. I have additional stress over an upcoming event.

This morning when I looked in the mirror, I saw a pale reflection. While trying to rectify the situation, I applied mascara to the contact lens in my eye, the white of my eye and to my eyelid, in a single stroke. Bad aim is an understatement. A brilliant and totally new experience, I might add.

After cleaning my contact, and flushing the black out of my eye, I gave up on mascara and added a little extra blush.

Being an artist requires good hand-eye coordination and this morning, my hand was too close to my eye! Warning, applying makeup while distracted can be dangerous to your eyesight!

With a red and burning eye, I see the gorgeous roses I purchased yesterday. I pause and drink in their beauty. They are many shades of red and orange–with sub-zero temperatures outside–they made me feel warm.

I notice the wear and tear on the fragile petals and identify with the bumping and bruising. Heavy sigh, aging too. Yet, they are captivatingly beautiful. Stunning even.

While I am not, I know that I am created in God’s image and by His design, fearfully and wonderfully made. Even on pale days, with red eye dripping black tears, I spot beauty like a burst of sun on a cloudy day.

By design, He gave me eyes to see the world in this way. What a gift. My beauty is in seeing His.

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