My January Rest Remodel

Two chairs in front of an arch window.

Although cleaning house and carpet isn’t my idea of rest, it is a reality for most homeowners, even me who doesn’t like to clean. Elated described my mood to have our carpets professionally cleaned. Mostly, because it all got done in less than two hours, instead of two weeks, if our shampooer was working. Done, it’s done! Happy dance here!

Now all we have to do is put the rest of the house back together. That might take two weeks.

One of our rooms had a large couch that we rarely used–the couch and the room. Once out, I declared the couch wasn’t going back. We donated it to Recycling for Families and someone will sit on it, because it is a nice and beautiful couch. My daughter loved it. She wasn’t happy to hear it was leaving our family but cheered up when she learned that the extra pillows and the floor pillows were staying.


My husband continues to tease me that I wouldn’t let people sit on it. While I agree, it fussed me when the pillows ended up all over the floor, I would condone proper use, of course. My husband has it against pillows in general, unless it is special pillow he uses for sleeping. I like that pillow especially, because I sleep better because he sleeps more quietly, zzzzzzz and ahhhh.

Large couch gone. Room looks bare. Because of My January Rest, no shopping in January and I really wasn’t thinking about a new purchase along the lines of furniture. So in the same line as what’s in the fridge, freezer or pantry, what’s in the house and available? We moved things around and I had a plant that I wanted to add to the mix. It is a special plant that I got from my Uncle Jim’s funeral, and I wanted the room to have an urban, minimalist, yet homey feel. Plant and greenery do wonders for warmth.

The problem is that the plant is a beast. It keeps growing. It is gangly due to being moved away from the window before Christmas, to make room for our Giving Tree creation. The plant needed a haircut, bad. So, it got one and I hope it shapes up, literally.

The other problem is that I did not like it on the floor, but the one available end table didn’t work well. It was too big, square and glass. Too easy to run into almost invisible corners. Ouch! is not homey.

Being creative has many perks and sometimes ideas just jump out at you. I have several different items that I was ready to do something different with and they were: christmas balls that I forgot to put away, white lights that I used around the plant, that probably added to its sad state of affairs, decorative balls, and a large glass punch bowl with a chip on the lip.

I used these items to create my kaleidoscope pedestal for my sad plant. It is so pretty that you don’t even look (much) at the plant.

My room remodel is one more of my satisfactions of  The Rest. I have so much–so much more than I ever dreamed materially. Life isn’t about that, but I enjoy the good gifts that God has given. When I’m in consumer-mode, I’m not satisfied with what I already have, and when you are living as a consumer, more, more, more doesn’t satisfy either.

I love my new room. I hope to drink coffee with cream and sugar in there soon.  And lounge around on the floor pillows. And read and look out my beautiful arch window that twelve years ago the salesman swore I’d put a curtain over.


Two more days until the rest is officially done.

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