My January Rest–The Wind Down 01.26.15

Dinner was delicious! It was my first time eating out this the month! I planned that it was ok to eat out IF we had a coupon. Generally on My January Rest, I avoid eating out, going out for coffee, etc. Last year I learned that it adversely affected my daughter as we generally ate out about once per month as a family date. Because of that and other MJR goals that affected her by default, she didn’t like MJR much last year. Today we still had her Christmas gift card to a restaurant from Christmas 2014. We used it and dinner cost $0.36 plus tip.

Our house is in disorder due to our carpet cleaning adventure earlier today. It seemed to be the perfect time to skip cooking for an evening. Wish you could see my smile!

Speaking of my daughter, she decided–and I incentivised her–that she would refrain from purchasing snacks or candy, and use what she had. She has faithfully kept her word and she has been sharing her stash of candy. Her prize? She will receive a bottle of Black Cherry balsamic vinegar from The Olive Bin. I’ll get to enjoy, because we will make salad dressing and add dried tart cherries to the salad too. I can’t wait.

My husband supports The Rest in the home, but he bought snacks and food for work. And running shoes that were on sale, and a mat and cutting wheel, and who knows what else. I’m glad that he supports me and never complains about my cooking.

Now seems like the time to wind down. Why? I can see the writing on the wall. Thursday our family has a dinner meeting with a group of artists that we partner with. I could pack a dinner or eat before, which I have been doing this month. However in this case, enjoying community with these friends is more important than The Rest. Also, add to that, our house guest’s husband is coming for eleven days. The hospitable thing to do is buy groceries! Also, one night our daughter has a meeting, so I have a green light for a date night. I’ll take it. Always!!

As I said, I can see the writing on the wall. The end is in sight and we had the same house guests last year around the same time, and I broke The Rest a few days early to purchase groceries. It was necessary. I love The Rest. I’m not really ready to be done, but the rub between my desire to slow down and real life needs increases. The Rest is about rest, not striving. If it becomes legalistic, then I’ve only entered into bondage. Daily, The Rest challenges what I do, because we live much of life on automatic pilot. It brings into focus how I think and what I think about, which derails my autopilot default. It provokes me to discern between wants and needs. And, I am grateful for the refocusing of my core values.

I have plans to continue some of The Rest into February. A few of my Rest goals I’ll end early, but cream and sugar?!! NEVER! I’m in to the bitter end! February 1, will be a bright and shining morning and I will have a large latte of some kind. For that reason alone, I look forward to February.

I’ll post another update and a final reflection after the month is done. I like to have some time and space to see if a theme or two surfaced during The Rest.

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