My January Rest Shopping Update – 01.23.15

Sombrero painted gold in green grass.

Today I went shopping!! Reluctantly, but I did go. I’ve only been to the grocery store once, and this was my first “other” shopping outing.

The list: fake fruit, a mask, and small wooden panels.


The store of choice was Michael’s for three things. While there, I attempted to fast my eyes from the feast of bling, color and objects of potential. That is part of My January Rest. Use what you have, instead of catering to your preferences, and in the case of shopping, buy only what is truly needed.

Yes, we are all learning what a strong preference I have for good coffee! This am, I made a cup of coffee with an older sample I had. I’m running out of decaf (again!). There are two of us drinking coffee in our home, where previously there was one–me! God has a sense of humor, in that we are hosting a roommate this month! The coffee was decisively awful. I thought about dumping it and getting a new cup, when I felt the little check in my spirit. “Yes, you would prefer a better cup…” So, I drank it instead of wasting it. Well, part of it. Yuck.

Back to the store, I found all of what I needed at one store and was elated to not have to go to two stores, especially because I am not feeling well. Bonus, I found a mask that was already black and a bag of fake apples–who knew fake apples came bagged? I only needed four, but the five in a bag were cheaper, and because they were in a bag, they counted as one for the 40% off coupon. Score. AND, I had a small amount left on a gift card. It was a successful shopping endeavor, even though I didn’t want to go.

Why apples, masks, and panels? At least one of you thought of that question and at least one of you wonders why did I shop on My Rest. The answer is, I needed props for teaching this Sunday. I get to illustrate a point using my art, two sombreros, two masks, and four apples to teach a Biblical principle, hopefully. You can read more about it here.

And, I am grateful to have received a commission for some small works and that is why I purchased the panels. The other item that I wanted, I put back because I did not need right now. I rested from purchasing, even though I’ll have to go back another time. By that time, I’ll most likely need something else anyway.

Thanks for taking this journey with me via reading and giving me a reason to post. I’m grateful for those of you who let me know that you are doing your own form of The Rest or that you are following and interested. I’d love to hear from you, so, feel free to post.

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