Recycled Fallen Beauty

Sunflower in a vase
Recycled Fallen Beauty

Today while collecting items for dinner from our garden, I was saddened by several of my giant sunflowers that had buckled under their own weight or the Central Illinois wind that is notorious for torturing people, plants and animals. Only one of the heads was blooming, and I am saddened because I wanted to feed the birds this fall.

Creativity to the rescue when I decide I can make an arrangement for our dinner guests tonight! That brings me joy. A simple vase, a triangular platform below, a partially open and wounded sunflower, and the tops of my carrots for dinner arranged and placed with care.

Although this one didn’t make it to feed the birds, I recycled it for my enjoyment, and the process of creation, and God’s beauty feeds my soul.

Five Minute Art is something you create or see and make an art piece of it. You can do this when waiting in line, taking a walk, or simply need a creative outlet…then share it with someone.

If you would like to view more Five Minute art projects, visit my Angel Ambrose Fine Art  Facebook page.

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