BLT, a Family Tradition?

Picture of a BLT
Our BLT with the first fruit tomato of 2014

Who doesn’t love a good BLT sandwich? Our family certainly does! As much as we love them, we rarely eat them. The one time of year, that it is a sure item on the menu, is when our first tomato of summer ripens.

As I tend to the garden, I enjoy seeing the progress of our produce. I especially keep my eye on the tomatoes. The cherry tomatoes come first, and they are for salads and popping in your mouth while picking off the vine. But the large variety tomato’s first fruit is reserved for our familial tradition of a BLT.

My hubby brought home the bacon, did not fry it up in a pan, but baked it in the oven. Clean lettuce, check. Clean tomato and slice, check. Toast bread and lightly spread with mayo, check. Assemble, give thanks, and devour.

Our BLT ritual adds a little sense of anticipation, to our summer. Do you have any family traditions around food? Do you have any traditions that make summer more special? Do you have a signature version of a BLT? Do share and thank you.

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