Painted plaque with the word home on it.
Painted plaque with the word home.
Home Plaque for Fundraiser for Habitat for Humanity

Home. So much meaning in one little word. I hear Dorothy from Oz cooing, “There’s no place like home!” I hear phrases like, “Home is where the heart is” and “I feel at home there” or “it’s my home away from home.”

I want to go so many directions with this post. What a loaded topic. Like, how I had NO real home at times as a young person. Or, that I have an amazing home now far greater than I ever hoped or dreamed of. Or write about all the art I did based off the longing of a child for that idillic home. Yes, that is what triggered this post. That desire for a home of my own. A safe space. My own place.

When I learned that our local Habitat for Humanity was hosting a fundraiser, in order to help a friend, I decided to donate something to it. In our community, we are busting at the seams with amazing artist and artist are often over-utilized to raise funds. It’s tricky and it is a prickly topic. Artist who do donate irritate artist who don’t. I have friends that I admire and respect that don’t donate. I understand and share many of their concerns. Yet, I do donate at times. Why?

Because I cannot forget where I came from. Even more, I don’t want to. And, because I can use the gift that God gave me to help. Boundaries are my friend and I donate to a handful of things per year that help people in need.

My friend from church is in line to get a home from Habitat. She has been through TOO much. She has children. She lives in an unsafe area. I know what it feels like to be unsafe in the place you are living. It is hard to call that place home.

Today, while I am having coffee with one of the Habitat staff, some family friends walked in. They were forced inside due to the rain. I introduce them to each other. Coincidence or God? The family just so happens to be the family that “adopted” the mom-in-need and her family, several years ago. It was a beautiful moment, when we all realize how things had been ordered for this point in time. We celebrate in knowing that we are going to see a home, not a house built, for this woman and her children.

I chose to create something that can be auctioned off to raise funds. I said a prayer of blessing for those who will get the art.

It was a beautiful day. A day where I can see dreams coming true. I can lend my art and my voice in appreciation to the restoration of the years the locust have eaten. Tonight, I will place my head on my pillow in my lovely home and thank God for His goodness.

Painted image of a red heart in yellow paint.
Home Is Where The Heart Is


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