Perspective and A Moment of Truth

Painted image of a yellow field with watermelon-type bushes marching back into perspective.


girl on the wall running looking up perspective
Up and running
girl running on retaining wall
Running the wall












When I saw and read the weekly photo challenge about perspective, I thought of a painting that I did called, “A Moment of Truth.” After an arctic winter in Illinois, we welcomed the near 60 degree day. My daughter and I went out for fresh air and exercise. She couldn’t resist running on the wall. And I couldn’t resist sneaking a couple shots of redemption in action. After you view the art and read the associated text, I’ll share about the photos taken this evening.

Painted image of a yellow field with watermelon-type bushes marching back into perspective.
A Moment of Truth painted by Angel Ambrose

Have you ever had a profound moment of truth? All the world stops and your views change forever. This painting has a strong vantage point, that is, a strong perspective of space. The interesting thing about truth is that it not only changes your view from that moment on, it tends to change your past perspectives as well. I remember some Laurie Anderson lyrics that said, “And he said, history is an angel being blown backwards into the future. He said, history is a pile of debris and the angel wants to go back and fix things, to repair the things that have been broken.” I have found that time and time again, I have reviewed my past and learned to view it in a different way. And in some ways, that does “repair the things that have been broken.” Even hard truths are good and clarifying. One moment of truth can forever change your life.

My daughter reveals truth to me. When I see her, and experience love for her and see my husbands love for her, it changes me. I’m undone. My past is re-written. Not the facts of what happened, but the perspective and conclusions I drew. When I understand the parenting challenges I face today, I look back and have more compassion on my parents. From not wanting children to being healed. From barrenness by choice to wanting her. From having her, to watching her grow up and someday away. When I catch a glimpse, of where she is going, so so quickly, I want to freeze time. But, I can’t. What I can do is see our lives on an continuum, moving forward and progressing.

What I didn’t know I wanted or needed, now I wouldn’t want to live without.

Grow. Have fun. Run. Run on a wall. But stay a little while longer.



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