Snow Day(s)!

image of sculpture with raised hands
image of sculpture with raised hands
Snow Day!!

Can you remember, when you were a child, how excited you were at the prospect of a snow day?! Or, even as an adult? I admit it. And, having a young child, the exhilaration of the possibility was contagious. When the weather forecasters began to predict this huge storm, we began to dream. Dream of extra time, snuggling, watching movies, time off school, time off of school (yes, that gets double consideration), hot cocoa and an excused absence from all the adult responsibilities that are pulling at me. For me, it is an extra day or two of vacation that is payback from having illness over Christmas break.

What if? Look at the weather forecast. People are speculating. We are getting hopeful and then it happens…the call! It’s official, school is out! School is out!! BONUS, Tony’s works is cancelled too. A real snow day with the whole family. And this morning, before the girl is out of bed, the phone rings, again and SCHOOL IS OUT TOMORROW TOO!  Uh, oh…too much of a good thing. I have plans for tomorrow. But for now, the excitement stands.

This month as part of “My January Rest” I’m resting from computer games but we have played old-fashioned ones. The kind that you sit face to face and interact. Chili is in the crock. Movie and snuggles tonight. Our heat is on and I can still feel the chill of the wind. Break out my one hot chocolate ration for the day. It’s warming along with my daughter antics. A snow day. Simple and sweet.

Do you still get excited about snow days?

Polka dots of black curtain and snow polka dots on screen
I See Art
Anna looking in the frosty window
Frosty Face
Frost covered eye.
Eye in the Storm


  1. I love snow days! I always have. Snow and sunshine are so much more beautiful than brown grass and gray skies. I like to read, look outside, talk to friends on the phone, spend extra time in prayer…..lots of things!

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