Seven Below

Covered head to toe to protect from the -7 degree wind-chill.
Bundled Up!

One of my many goals each year, is to take better care of myself. And, as I re-read my 2013 My January Rest Review (will publish at some point soon), I was reminded that, yet again in 2013, I let the business of life get in the way of exercise. I have many wonderful friends, but two of them are champions of calling me up (or to get up or out) and to keep moving! I respect and appreciate them both so much.

This morning, Barb and I walked. The windchill registered at seven below. The snow was flying–sideways. The wind had a distinct sting and I was SO grateful that I got the facemask that I requested for Christmas. Grateful. That is the word for the walk. Grateful that I can walk and that I can go out and that I can see! We saw a fat squirrel, red berries on black branches against white sky, barefoot tracks, and freshly fallen snow. IF I knew how to use this tool better (the blog), you would be seeing the pictures I took instead of reading about them! Learning curves are humbling, as long as the learning comes…I’ll try to be patient.

Beside the obvious benefits of walking, the best one that I experienced was the feeling of victory. I feel victorious when I overcome ALL my many excuses and aversions to going out in the cold. Dressed properly, I can overcome the elements and I experienced peace, joy and a desire to engage life more fully. Yes, one little walk does that much for me along with the company I keep.

Walking in the snow
Walking in the Winter Wonderland with Barb


Swingset in snow
Winter Wonder Land


Red Berries in Winte

Beautiful Red Berries Frosted with Snow